T H E   F O U N D E R   A N D   F I R S T   M A N A G I N G   D I R E C T O R




Photo: Stavangerflint´s arcives at Figgjo Museum


Mr. Trygve Brekke (1908 –1994) was trained as an engineer in industrial production of pottery, earthenware, faience, stoneware and porcelain.


The managing director and founder of Stavangerflint from 1949 to 1963, Mr. Trygve Brekke, gave Inger Waage the practical and moral support and facilities to develop her artistic talent. She was employed from 1953. From 1955 she was recognised by the market to such a degree that the company had to expand the production capacity of hand painted objects by establishing an “I.W department”, with up to ten assistant artists to cope with the orders from the UK, USA and other countries.

The hand painted designs of Inger Waage - I.W. - had appeal, especially outside Norway. For this reason objects signed I.W. or Inger Waage are easier for today’s collectors to come across in the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark and Sweden, than in Norway, except maybe in the Stavanger area. 

Notice the two objects of arts at the desk. The vase has a well known decor by Inger Waage, the plate is by Kari Nyquist.